Spreading Christmas Cheer in 19th century America

Newspapers were the Facebook and Twitter of the past. They could act as sources of evil, propaganda, and manipulation or as conduits of hope, spreading joy across the nation. When the Nazis took power, the Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels took over the radio, newspapers, and movies across Germany that infected millions with diabolical slanderContinue reading “Spreading Christmas Cheer in 19th century America”

Reviewing West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s rendition of Robert Wise’s 1961 film West Side Story still strikes many chords in America today as it did in 1960s. Other countries have immigration issues that remain divisive. From a flood of Turks in Germany, Algerians in France, to Mexicans and Haitians in the United States, these immigrants seem to rankle theContinue reading “Reviewing West Side Story”