Walking the Beat

How to Specialize in a World of Indifference

When news reporters first walk in a newsroom, they know instinctively what they will be covering that day – unless a breaking story comes in.

Called ‘walking the beat’, reporters are assigned by their editors certain territories be it geographic, let’s say City of Gloversville or Town of Johnstown, or by category such as cops and courts, education, or the health beat.

In a world of indifference, what are people turning to get their news than those that have years of experience in their fields, the experts of their beats.

To specialize is to know the facts as they happen without the spin doctors feeding you their side of the story. We storytellers aren’t weaving fiction when we write. We conduct research, interview and establish relationships with the right people, and tell it like it is.

So, pull out the rabbit from the hat, surprise your readers with startling facts, but leave your own opinions at the door. That is what gossip columnists do.

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