Greg Hitchcock, Journalist

A professional at all levels, Greg has decades of writing and editing experience that matches what his clients need most. Specializing in Health, Technology, and Science, Greg takes his work seriously from concept to research to final product. He has interviewed numerous Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), leaders in their fields of endeavor, from scientists, business owners, and tech gurus, to medical staff and in between. Connect with Command Voice Media and Journalism for questions about Greg’s services, his background, and his prices.

After graduating from high school, Greg Hitchcock yearned to get away and see parts of the world he never saw before, so Greg entered the U.S. Army. Never would he have known he would be tested both inside the Army and afterwards.

Greg Hitchcock, U.S. Army 1986

Serving honorably as a TV and Radio Systems Specialist in Washington, D.C., Greg afterwards studied English and Political Science and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1992 from the State University of New York at Albany.

Since then, Greg has worked as a journalist, content marketer, and documentary filmmaker writing articles, producing videos, and recording podcasts.

Greg’s work has enhanced the lives of others as well as himself. He has covered climate change, conservation and the environment, and health and recreation for many news organizations and brands.

Greg’s clients include the United Nations, the Los Angeles Times, and the Sierra Club.

Greg Hitchcock working on building classrooms in Guatemala.

Greg has participated in other projects that require a mental dexterity, such as missions to developing countries.

His trip to Guatemala for the Mayfield Central Presbyterian Church to produce a training video for an international nonprofit organization, the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA), gave him an inner understanding of a different culture, language and people he would not have had. The Guatemalans were very encouraging and he has had to adapt his American ideas of ‘helping’ to one of ‘belonging’, sharing a common human need to better both their worlds.

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